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Law firm blogging tips

Title Law firm blogging tips
Description A law firm, like any other business, is dependent on a steady flow of clien
Message Common excuses not to blog and ways get past them
I don't have time to blog
Lack of time is a real issue for any lawyer. Lawyers pack their schedules and any extra time available often goes toward preparation for the next day.What lawyer can honestly say they have time to blog in between meetings, court dates, litigation, new clients, and so on?

A legal practice simply does not allow for the extra time and commitment to write marketing blogs. We're going to let you in on a little secret. Most lawyers do not write their blogs. That's right.

A firm generally hires a third-party marketing agency that specializes in legal SEO to prepare and manage the law firm marketing blog. Outsourcing means you can ask an agency to put your legal thoughts in writing while you are taking care of legal matters.

Pro tip: Delegate the writing and management of your blog to digital marketing professionals. They can run your law firm marketing blog at a fraction of what it would cost your firm to give up client time to write an article. Limit your involvement to that of requesting specific topics and signing off on the legal correctness of each blog.
Nobody reads my blog
Writing law firm blogs but not seeing any meaningful readership can be disheartening. It shouldn’t be an excuse not to write a blog, however. There are two main reasons why blogs go unread:

Writing too technically
Lawyer’s blogs are serious business. With topics such as personal injury, labor and employment, and divorce, there’s no room to joke around. However, some lawyers take seriousness one step too far when they write for their blogs.

Specifically, they fail to keep their target audience in mind and, instead, write as one professional lawyer to another. Remember the primary purpose of your blog is to attract clients who see your articles as a sign of expertise. Using legal language with terms such as “hereby” or “shall” that you don’t usually hear out on the streets can alienate clients who have no legal education.

Pro tip: Write to express your ideas in layman’s terms to everyday citizens. Simplify complicated terms and provide explanations of complex legal ideas wherever possible. Use language that is easy to understand and that conveys a sense of approachability.
Inadequate search engine optimization
One reason why internet users don't read your blog is simply because they don't know it exists. Internet users don’t typically read something that doesn't pop up in an online search. Every blog needs search engine optimization (SEO) with the right keywords so that a search engine can find it during a user search.

Inadequate search engine optimization blogging for lawyers
If you are not applying this law firm marketing strategy, then it may be true that nobody reads your law firm blog. Fixing this issue is simple if you have a knowledge of SEO or if you outsource your optimization to a reputable company.

Pro tip: Make sure that every article you publish uses the appropriate SEO for lawyers blog. Keep in mind that it takes three to four months before SEO strategies start to move you up the rankings, so do not give up too soon. A reputable SEO company can help you set up the necessary optimizations to improve your blog ranking on the internet. It also frees you from having to learn the complexities of search engine optimization.
Why blogging for lawyers is a necessary thing to do?
Search engines love good content
Content is the key to achieving a higher ranking on search engines, such as Google. Search engines pay more attention to sites that publish quality content regularly. However, not just any content will do. It must be well-researched quality content that is well written and exclusive to your website.

Good content is one of the top three factors that influence your website ranking. Search engines exist to respond to search queries with the most relevant information available. Therefore, they reward sites with better, newer and original content.

Pro tip: If you want to get the attention of search engines, then you need to post a new blog once a week, or at least bi-monthly. Whatever frequency you choose, make sure you remain consistent. Search engines reward consistency too. An SEO professional can help you manage the consistency of your blog post schedule.
Attract qualified traffic to your law firm site
Useful information attracts readers. If you write it properly then blogging for lawyers attracts the type of visitors you want as clients. If you can impress these prospective clients with the type of information that you offer, then you will have a competitive advantage. Some of these users will decide to buy your services.

Every article you publish is an opportunity to attract someone who might not have considered your firm. In short, every article is an opportunity to win over a new client. On example of this concept in action involves a blog post we created called “How long will my personal injury lawsuit take?”

In that blog, we described the entire personal injury claim procedure step by step. It was a very difficult blog to produce, but it provided lots of value to readers who had difficulty finding that information elsewhere.

Regardless of the keywords, you use for each blog post, remember to write quality content centered around the keywords you use. Write content in an “evergreen” manner, using information that will continue to be applicable in the years to come. In addition to offering new visitors value that won’t diminish over time, such content also gives the visitors you gain from a single blog post an incentive to revisit your site in the future because they see it as a source of expertise.
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