Tar extraction method - shell
Output buffering - pass
PHP version 5.6.18 - pass
Remote URL functions - pass
Local URL functions - pass
CGI mode - pass
Linux - pass
GD bundled (2.1.0 compatible) - pass
Maximum Execution Time (300 seconds) - pass
Allowed Memory (1768M) - pass
post_max_size (256M) - pass
upload_max_filesize (256M) - pass
mbstring extension - pass

Congratulations, this server meets all the recommendations for running this software.

You also need MySQL 4.1 or newer, which requires access info to test. If you'd like to test MySQL to ensure your version is recent enough, type your connection data below:

Database Host: (usually localhost)
Database Username:
Database Password:
Database Name:

If you want to convert videos to FLV, upload a valid test.mov video to this directory and click below to test whether ffmpeg is installed:

Path to ffmpeg (needed on some server configurations):