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San Diego Police Department v. Guillermo Barragan, Jr.

Guillermo Barragan Jr. proposed using non-violent mass civil disobedience to end the lockdowns imposed by California Governor Gavin Newsom which had the effect of imposing a house arrest on more than 30 Million California residents. Nonviolent, passive resistance had proven effective in India's quest for independence from the British Raj., for instance with the Vedaranyam Salt March. On April 25, 2020, Mr. Barragan and two other men went onto the Encinitas beach, sat down, and were immediately arrested by San Diego Sheriffs. Thereafter, he was surveilled by the San Diego Police Department, and a Red Flag Order was executed by a judge, a search warrant issued. On May 7, 2020, Mr. Barragan's home was invaded and searched, his Glock 19 pistol and shotgun seized, and Mr. Barragan was taken to San Diego County Mental Health where he was forcibly medicated with Haldol. The Haldol induced spasms and involuntary seizures in Mr. Barragan, for which he still suffers permanent injuries. After six days, Mr. Barragan was released.

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