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2 Dec 2020 at 9:00pm

Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day for December 3, 2020 is:

brainiac • \BRAY-nee-ak\  • noun

: a very intelligent person


"As the Kendall Square Association advocates for transportation fixes, the Cambridge group likes to say that you ...

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California Published News

Amid COVID-19, the Bar Exam Faces a Reckoning and a Revamp
by Mayo, Lynne
2 Dec 2020 at 11:46am
Amid COVID-19, the Bar Exam Faces a Reckoning and a Revamp NewsLink ...

Opinion: Mandatory vaccinations and the Constitution
by Mayo, Lynne
2 Dec 2020 at 11:13am
Opinion: Mandatory vaccinations and the Constitution NewsLink M...

Yolo #4
by Mayo, Lynne
2 Dec 2020 at 11:00am
Yolo #4Mayo, Lynne Wed, 12/02/2020 - 11:00 Yolo #4 ...

Santa Clara #19
by Mayo, Lynne
2 Dec 2020 at 10:58am
Santa Clara #19Mayo, Lynne Wed, 12/02/2020 - 10:58 Santa Clara #19 ...

San Diego #20
by Mayo, Lynne
2 Dec 2020 at 10:56am
San Diego #20Mayo, Lynne Wed, 12/02/2020 - 10:56 San Diego #20 ...

Shasta #5
by Mayo, Lynne
2 Dec 2020 at 10:54am
Shasta #5Mayo, Lynne Wed, 12/02/2020 - 10:54 Shasta #5 ...

Orange #11
by Mayo, Lynne
2 Dec 2020 at 10:53am
Orange #11Mayo, Lynne Wed, 12/02/2020 - 10:53 Orange #11 ...

Napa #4
by Mayo, Lynne
2 Dec 2020 at 10:51am
Napa #4Mayo, Lynne Wed, 12/02/2020 - 10:51 Napa #4 ...

Los Angeles #11
by Mayo, Lynne
2 Dec 2020 at 9:19am
Los Angeles #11Mayo, Lynne Wed, 12/02/2020 - 09:19 Los Angeles #11 ...

Judicial Profile: Lake County Judge Shanda Harry
by Mayo, Lynne
2 Dec 2020 at 6:37am
Judicial Profile: Lake County Judge Shanda Harry NewsLink Mayo,...

National Legal News

Kamala Harris picks Tina Flournoy to be her chief of staff
by Noah Bierman
3 Dec 2020 at 6:18am

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has named veteran Democratic strategist Tina Flournoy as her c...

Sexual misconduct allegations cast shadow on nonprofit that works with colleg...
by Jie Jenny Zou
3 Dec 2020 at 3:00am

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo university has quietly severed its connections to a nonprofit founded by...

Tumult in Georgia signals Trump's post-presidency challenge for GOP
by Janet Hook, Jenny Jarvie
3 Dec 2020 at 3:00am

Republicans need Trump to boost turnout for Georgia's Senate runoffs, but his attacks on state GO...

Will 'vaccine nationalism' rear its head? Britain may be a test case
by Laura King
2 Dec 2020 at 2:51pm

Britain becomes the first country to approve a fully tested COVID-19 vaccine, but its show of nat...

Testing times: South Korea holds high-stakes college exam as COVID-19 cases rise
by Victoria Kim
2 Dec 2020 at 8:44am

Nearly half a million students ? including some with COVID-19 ? will take a grueling all-day coll...

Column: Why Biden should hope that Trump pardons himself on the way out the door
by Doyle McManus
2 Dec 2020 at 3:00am

A self-pardon would outrage Democrats, but it would be good for the new president.

TSA program kept surveilling some travelers without reason, audit finds
by Hugo Martn
1 Dec 2020 at 3:43pm

There's no proof the TSA's controversial Quiet Skies program makes travel safer, and it has been ...

'We're not alive, we're not dead': Thousands of migrants are trapped in war-t...
by Nabih Bulos
1 Dec 2020 at 8:18am

Despite a civil war and the COVID-19 pandemic, Yemen remains a crossing point for tens of thousan...

Kim Kardashian West flexes her prison-reform muscle, taking on death-penalty ...
by Christie D'Zurilla
30 Nov 2020 at 12:20pm

After helping to free Alice Marie Johnson in 2018, Kim Kardashian West is now raising awareness o...

It just got harder for U.S. to punish airlines for 'unfair and deceptive prac...
by Hugo Martn
30 Nov 2020 at 11:59am

The U.S. Transportation Department's new policy, announced during the Thanksgiving holiday weeken...

American pandemic: A preacher, a nurse and a firefighter take on the coronavirus
by Jaweed Kaleem, Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Richard Read
30 Nov 2020 at 2:00am

The Times set out to document a day in the pain and loss of COVID-19.

Iran under intense pressure over how to respond to top scientist's brazen kil...
by Nabih Bulos
29 Nov 2020 at 2:30pm

The assassination of a top nuclear scientist comes at a fragile moment for Iran's government, whi...

Latest Gallery

OPINION & ORDER GRANTING MOTIONS TO INTERVENE (ECF NOS. 5, 12, 14) [By City of Detroit, the Democratic National Committee and Michigan Democratic Party (“DNC/MDP”), and Robert Davis, an individual who cast his November 3, 2020 general election vote in Wayne County via absentee ballot. ECF Nos. 5, 12, 14.)]
Article - Ballot-Marking Devices (BMDs) Cannot Assure the Will of the Voters
Test Report for Voting System
Certificate for Dominion Voting System
Email Regarding Providing the Facts—BMD Security Risks and Software Update
Exhibit 3 to Georgia Complaint
2 Dec 2020 at 1:49pm
Statement by Ana Mercedes Diaz Cardozo
An Analysis of Surveys Regarding Absentee Ballots Across Several States, William M. Briggs, November 23, 2020
Complaint without exhibits. Exhibits are broken out from filing and provided separately in the directory.
Affidavits of Shinkle, Valden, Chase,
Affidavits of Eilf, Tieztz, McCall
Affidavits of Storm, Fracassi, Whitmore, Palmer, Deperno, Jeup
Affidavits of Champagne, Seely, Zelasko, Topini, Fuqua-Frey, Ungar
Affidavits of Lindsey, Kinney, Luke, Shock, Schmidt, Duus
Affidavits of Posch, Rauf, Vanker, Roush, Chopijjian
Affidavits of Sitek, Staruch, Klamer, Leonard, Nauert
Affidavits of Russell, Johnson, Burton, Drzewiecki, Early, Pannebecker
Affidavits of Sherer, Meyers, Henderson, Basler, Vaupel, Deluca
Affidavits of Montie, Atkins, Zimmerman, Langer, Arnoldy, Harris, Brigmon, Krause, Poplawski
Affidavits of Kerstein, Modlin, Wirsing, Cassin, Mandelbaum, Rose
Affidavits of Daavetila, Tocco, Valice, Caviere, Sawyer
Affidavits of Gorman, Moss, Miller, Downing, Sankey, Ostin
Affidavits of Kolangireddy, Spalding, Antonie, Zaplitny, Frego, Kordenbrock
Affidavits of Dixon, Cizmar, Paschko, Kiilunen
Affidavits of Brunnell, Langer, Piontek, Papsdorf, Williamson, Steffans
Affidavits of Pettibone, Gaicobazzi, Kinney, Schornack, Schneider
Affidavits of Miller, Pennala, Bomer, Tyson, Ballew
Affidavit of Seely and Helminem
Attachment 19 to Complaint
27 Nov 2020 at 1:11pm

Law Press Releases

GoMarketing Inc Offers Foreclosure Disclosure Websites for Banks,...

According to SB 1079, all property trustees in foreclosure now must have a functional website for...

Leopard Solutions Now Factors Ethnic Diversity in Law Firm Index...

Leopard Solutions, the leading law firm and attorney database for business intelligence and later...

Leading Orange County Accounting Firm Acquires San Diego-Based...

LT Cambaliza LLP of Newport Beach, CA announces acquisition of San Diego-based accounting firm, G...

Houstonia Magazine Names 11 Kane Russell Coleman Logan Attorneys to...

Eleven Kane Russell Coleman Logan attorneys are listed in Houstonia magazine?s Top Lawyers for 20...

ZER and Portuguese Market Leader, ROOX, Finalize Partnership to...

ZERØ, originator of the legal industry?s most innovative email management platform, and ROOX, Por...

Thomas Gagne's video CLE "Cross Examination Techniques"...

Cross Examination Techniques is Thomas Gagne's newest video CLE now available through the South C...

FWD Insurance expands Aptitude Software adoption across Asia to...

FWD is now closer to fulfilling its goal to build a technology platform that will go above and be...

Greenberg Traurig Finalist for Global Firm of the Year in Europe Award...

For a second consecutive year, global law firm Greenberg Traurig, LLP was selected as one of only...

New Euclid Specialty Whitepaper - Exposing Excessive Fee Litigation...

Euclid?s whitepaper highlights the problem of excessive fee lawsuits and presents a sensible fram...

Fatal Vehicle Collision Underscores Need for Louisiana Drivers to...

The Baton-Rouge-based personal injury law specialist comments on a recent article that motorists ...

Aptus Court Reporting Continues Expansion with Addition of Industry...

Aptus Court Reporting, the West Coast?s premier depositionand court reporting service, announced ...

Twelve Tables Press Publishes Pursuing the Horizon, Stories of Justice...

Twelve Tables Press today announces the publication of Pursuing the Horizon: Stories of Justice, ...

California Law News

For Federal Tax Purposes, All Legal Same-Sex Marriages Will Be Recognized
by Mitchell A. Port
30 Aug 2013 at 6:18am
The U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ruled yesterday that s...

Want to Stay in the Loop on #ABAannual? Follow @RecorderTweets
by The Recorder
8 Aug 2013 at 3:56pm

Justice Anthony Kennedy, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Attorney General Er...

CA Supreme Court Entertains Prop 8 Backers' Stay Request
by The Recorder
12 Jul 2013 at 5:10pm

[Cheryl Miller]

In what appears to be a last-gasp effort to save Proposition 8, same-sex marriage...

Name Surfaces For Fogel's Seat
by The Recorder
13 May 2013 at 5:23pm

[Vanessa Blum]

The White House at long last is closing in on a pick to fill the Northern Distric...

Technology Revolution a Challenge Even for Larry Sonsini
by The Recorder
19 Apr 2013 at 5:36pm

[Scott Graham]

The lawyer most responsible for developing Silicon Valley's culture of entrepreneu...

DA Regrets Misconduct, Supreme Court Says Not So Fast
by The Recorder
19 Apr 2013 at 4:19pm

[Scott Graham]

When the Sixth District Court of Appeal found ?flagrant? prosecutorial misconduct ...

Budget Chair Slams Courts for 'Irresponsible' Spending
by The Recorder
3 Apr 2013 at 6:16pm

[Cheryl Miller]

Wednesday?s hearing of the subcommittee overseeing California courts started off ...

Meet Tigar, Hear Him Purr
by The Recorder
29 Mar 2013 at 4:48pm

[Vanessa Blum]

There was a yin and yang to U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar?s investiture ceremony T...

Lucasfilm Pregnancy Case Heading Back to Trial Court
by The Recorder
27 Mar 2013 at 6:26pm

[Scott Graham]

The California Supreme Court may be feeling some pregancy discrimination fatigue....

Is New Funding Formula Key to Governor's Judicial Happiness?
by The Recorder
26 Mar 2013 at 7:51pm

[Cheryl Miller]

In the quest to answer Governor Jerry Brown's call to make trial court funding m...

High Court Weighs Domestic Violence Case That Helped Unseat Hallinan
by The Recorder
5 Mar 2013 at 7:37pm

[Scott Graham]

Ten years ago, the domestic violence murder of Claire Joyce Tempongko helped brin...

Gifts Made By Personal Check
by Mitchell A. Port
29 Dec 2012 at 9:30am
Your 2012 gifts made with a personal check may be treated as being made in 2013 unless you follow...

Drudge Retort

Trump Advocate Powell Turns to Unusual Source Fir Evidence
by lamplighter
3 Dec 2020 at 11:30am
In her legal quest to reverse the reality of last month's election, President Trump's recently di...

Georgia Senate Runoff Poll Shows Tight Races
by retort
3 Dec 2020 at 11:21am
An A-rated poll commissioned by an Georgia's 11Alive on the state's two Senate runoff shows both ...

Florida Lawyer Under Investigation for Registering to Vote in Georgia
by Gal_Tuesday
3 Dec 2020 at 9:33am
A Florida attorney is at the center of a new state investigation after elections officials say he...

Trump Video Rant - Most Petulant 46 Minutes in U.S. History
by tonyroma
3 Dec 2020 at 8:31am
Philip Bump: Over the length of a 46-minute video posted to social media Wednesday, President Tru...

Don't Leave Trash in the Desert: Monolith Removal Explained
by lamplighter
3 Dec 2020 at 7:30am
The mystery of how a metal monolith appeared in the Utah desert remains, but the riddle of its re...

U.S. has Deadliest Day, Tops 200K Daily Cases, 100K Hospitalized
by tonyroma
3 Dec 2020 at 7:19am
The numbers are ominous: It was reported Wednesday that 3,100 Americans died of COVID-19. And tha...

Abolishing the Electoral College Is Closer Than You Think
by corky
3 Dec 2020 at 6:33am
Jon Walker: The National Popular Vote Compact would guarantee the presidency to the candidate who...

Trump Considers 2024 Campaign Kickoff on Inauguration Day
by madbomber
3 Dec 2020 at 5:30am
The president is not expected to attend his successor's inauguration or even call him but could h...

The Conspiracy Theory That Could Hand Joe Biden the Senate
by retort
3 Dec 2020 at 5:09am
Rich Lowry: There is no evidence that Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are secretly working for the Dem...

America's Problem with Socialism
by madbomber
2 Dec 2020 at 8:31pm
Socialism. The word sends chills down the spines of many Americans. Yet even as large swaths of t...

No, a Doctor's Selfie Does not Show a 'Fake Hospital' in Nevada
by retort
2 Dec 2020 at 7:57pm
Trump retweets a lie that a doctor's selfie in a makeshift hospital is fake. The Nevada doctor sa...

Ivanka was Deposed Tuesday in DC Attorney General's Inauguration Lawsuit
by retort
2 Dec 2020 at 7:30pm
Ivanka Trump, the President's daughter and adviser, sat for a deposition Tuesday with investigato...

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this server is under mantance

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7 Apr 2006 at 7:11am
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Welcome to Fear Not Law's Law Discussion Forum
20 Oct 2000 at 5:01pm
The purpose of our forum is to discuss legal matters. We will delete posts relating to non-legal ...

Latest Law News

Lawyer?s ?pants are charred? from lies, state supreme court says; prior panti...
3 Dec 2020 at 11:59am

Kids in divorce court: Understanding the impact and how legal professionals c...
3 Dec 2020 at 11:24am

Lawsuit accuses lawyer and his ?Real Housewives? wife of stealing plane crash...
3 Dec 2020 at 9:42am

The country?s oldest sitting federal judge, described as ?deeply compassionat...
3 Dec 2020 at 8:25am

Chemerinsky: COVID-19 ruling reveals much about the new Supreme Court
3 Dec 2020 at 7:14am

Afternoon Briefs: 25 former DC bar leaders decry election suits; ousted 1L pr...
2 Dec 2020 at 2:49pm

Lawyer is awarded $1 in attorney fees, matching jury award in case of snatche...
2 Dec 2020 at 12:56pm

ABA president urges Congress to prevent COVID-19 eviction crisis
2 Dec 2020 at 10:00am

These 7 larger law firms got the $10M maximum in coronavirus pandemic loans
2 Dec 2020 at 9:33am

AG Barr appoints special counsel to investigate illegality in probe of Russia...
2 Dec 2020 at 9:03am

On World AIDS Day, 9 organizations receive HIV Legal Services Fund grants
2 Dec 2020 at 8:19am

DOJ probed possible bid to pay for presidential pardon, unsealed opinion says
2 Dec 2020 at 7:44am

California Supreme Court

Latest Articles

P. v. Mendieta CA4/1
29 Mar 2019 at 11:44am
Mendieta contends that the trial court violated his rights under the Confrontation Clause of the ...

Asselin-Normand v. America Best Value Inn CA3
29 Mar 2019 at 11:43am
Plaintiff Jonathan Asselin-Normand brought several causes of action against defendants America?s ...

In re C.B. CA3
29 Mar 2019 at 11:42am
Minor, C. B. challenges a judgment entered after the juvenile court, following a contested jurisd...

P. v. Bamford CA3
29 Mar 2019 at 11:40am
Defendant Bub Tahchahlah Bamford pleaded no contest to felony driving under the influence (Veh. C...

P. v. Jones CA3
29 Mar 2019 at 11:39am
Defendant Cornelius L. Jones appeals from his conviction of attempted premeditated murder, assaul...
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