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noblesse oblige
20 Apr 2024 at 10:00pm

Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day for April 21, 2024 is:

noblesse oblige • \noh-BLESS-uh-BLEEZH\  • noun

Noblesse oblige refers to the idea that people who have high social rank or wealth should be helpful and generous to people of lower rank or to people who ...

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California Published News

2024 State of the Judiciary Address
2024 State of the Judiciary Addresselaine.chan Fri, 04/12/2024 - 11:06 ...

Chief Justice Patricia Guerrero
Chief Justice Patricia GuerreroBalassone, Merrill Tue, 02/28/2023 - 13:53 ...

New judge appointed for Riverside County
New judge appointed for Riverside CountyMartin.Novitski Thu, 04/18/2024 - 09:52 ...

BART agrees to repair elevators and escalators under new settlement
BART agrees to repair elevators and escalators under new settlementMartin.Novitski Thu, 04/18/202...

Early-May calendar is big in more ways than one
Early-May calendar is big in more ways than oneMartin.Novitski Thu, 04/18/2024 - 09:29 ...

Justices Sotomayor and Jackson Issue Dissents Over Supreme Court?s Refusal to...
Justices Sotomayor and Jackson Issue Dissents Over Supreme Court?s Refusal to Review Two Capital ...

Photos: California Chief Justice Helps Dedicate Courthouses in Redding and Wi...
Photos: California Chief Justice Helps Dedicate Courthouses in Redding and WillowsCorren, Blaine ...

Students in Northern Central Valley Welcome Chief Justice Guerrero
Students in Northern Central Valley Welcome Chief Justice GuerreroSoltysik, Penne Mon, 04/15/2024...

California Chief Justice Delivers 2024 State of the Judiciary Address
California Chief Justice Delivers 2024 State of the Judiciary AddressCorren, Blaine Tue, 03/19/20...

Fact Sheet - New Imperial County Courthouse, El Centro
Fact Sheet - New Imperial County Courthouse, El CentroBalassone, Merrill Mon, 12/11/2023 - 15:41 ...

National Legal News

In Ukraine's old imperial city, pastel palaces are in jeopardy, but black hum...
by Laura King
21 Apr 2024 at 3:00am

Ukraine's port of Odesa is a key Russian target, endangering the city's UNESCO-designated histori...

Calmes: Hapless House Republicans weaponized impeachment. It backfired
by Jackie Calmes
21 Apr 2024 at 3:00am

The spectacular failures of House Republican attempts to humiliate Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayork...

California returns to job growth in March, but unemployment rate remains high...
by Don Lee
19 Apr 2024 at 12:21pm

For the second month in a row, California posted the highest unemployment figure in the country. ...

Man who set himself on fire outside Trump trial and spouted conspiracy theori...
by Salvador Hernandez
19 Apr 2024 at 11:45am

The shocking incident occurred minutes after a jury was seated in former President Trump's hush m...

China's highflying EV industry is going global. Why that has Tesla and other ...
by Stephanie Yang
19 Apr 2024 at 3:00am

A flood of cheap Chinese electric car exports has raised the specter of another trade war with th...

Taylor Swift's new album is rife with breakup songs. Psychologists explain wh...
by Karen Kaplan
19 Apr 2024 at 3:00am

Taylor Swift's new 'The Tortured Poets Department' album draws inspiration from her own breakups....

U.S. blocks full U.N. membership for Palestinians
by Tracy Wilkinson
18 Apr 2024 at 12:39pm

The United States vetoes the latest Palestinian bid for full membership in the United Nations.

Google fires 28 employees who protested Israel cloud contract
by Wendy Lee
18 Apr 2024 at 8:48am

The protests, organized by the No Tech for Apartheid campaign, raised concerns about Google and A...

Opinion: Is Arizona's abortion ban a return to the 19th century? No, it's act...
by Kevin Waite
18 Apr 2024 at 3:30am

William T. Howell, who copied the 1864 law from California, was a progressive by the standards of...

Did USC set 'very bad precedent' by canceling valedictorian speech over safet...
by Jenny Jarvie
18 Apr 2024 at 3:00am

Campus administrators nationwide struggle to uphold principles of free expression amid pressure f...

Op-Comic: The Mideast, an unsolved puzzle
by Nasrin Sheykhi
18 Apr 2024 at 3:00am

For Iranian artist Nasrin Sheykhi, bombs, missiles and guns blot out any hope for a solution in t...

Senate rejects impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas
by Andrea Castillo
17 Apr 2024 at 11:59am

Alejandro N. Mayorkas, a Cuban immigrant who grew up in California, is the first U.S. Cabinet off...

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November 2020 Adjunction
18 Apr 2022 at 10:16am
ROR Import Date Submitted 1/15/2020
ROR Import Date Submitted: 10/15/2019
VoteCal Dashboard Summary
15 Apr 2022 at 12:44pm

Law Press Releases

Engel & V�lkers Dallas Fort Worth Presents $20,824 to Special Olympics
19 Apr 2024 at 3:59pm

Engel & V�lkers Dallas Fort Worth, a global luxury real estate brand, is proud to announce its co...

SL Blake Presents 'Styles That Gives Back': A Meaningful Initiative
19 Apr 2024 at 6:00am

Embracing a spirit of generosity and social responsibility, SL Blake proudly unveils 'Styles That...

American Council of Learned Societies Announces 2024 Mellon/ACLS Dissertation...
19 Apr 2024 at 1:15am

Awards Support 45 Emerging Scholars Pursuing Pathbreaking Dissertation Research NEW YORK, April 1...

Equality Health Foundation Expands Reach to Virginia and Louisiana
18 Apr 2024 at 3:15pm

Nonprofit Programs Extend Equality Health's Impact into Local Communities SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Apri...

New bipartisan legislation continues Low-Income Household Water Assistance Pr...
18 Apr 2024 at 2:30pm

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) offers its strong support for the proposed Low-Income...

Miami-Dade County 1Q 2024 Single-Family Home Sales Rise
18 Apr 2024 at 1:40pm

Miami-Dade County single-family home sales increased year-over-year in 1Q 2024 as monthly transac...

Christie's International Real Estate Sereno Announces Sereno 1% For Good Char...
18 Apr 2024 at 1:00pm

Christie's International Real Estate Sereno announced that its 1% For Good Charitable Foundation ...

United Breast Cancer Foundation's Mattress & Pink Bag Event Brings Breast Can...
18 Apr 2024 at 12:30pm

Breast Cancer Warriors Unite: Celebrate Resilience, Volunteer Your Heart, and Give Comfort and Ho...

Privacy4Cars Awarded Three More Patents as New Regulations Require Deletion o...
18 Apr 2024 at 7:00am

Patent Count Grows to Eight Cementing Privacy4Cars' Innovator Role in the Automotive Privacy Tech...

Bringing Hope To Mothers Everywhere: The Black Fairy godmother Foundation is ...
18 Apr 2024 at 6:30am

The Foundation is looking for donors to support it's 100 mothers in need of basic necessities. NE...

The Foundation for Women's Cancer Named "Partner-of-Choice" by The Institute ...
18 Apr 2024 at 6:00am

The donation was made as a part of the 2024 launch of Move4Her, the FWC's signature fundraising c...

ZeroNow Launches "Path to Safer Schools" - Online Guide Available to Schools
18 Apr 2024 at 5:00am

Last year, a multidisciplinary group came together at the ZeroNow Summit and Annual Meeting in Wa...

California Law News

Want to Stay in the Loop on #ABAannual? Follow @RecorderTweets
by The Recorder
8 Aug 2013 at 3:56pm

Justice Anthony Kennedy, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Attorney General Er...

CA Supreme Court Entertains Prop 8 Backers' Stay Request
by The Recorder
12 Jul 2013 at 5:10pm

[Cheryl Miller]

In what appears to be a last-gasp effort to save Proposition 8, same-sex marriage...

Name Surfaces For Fogel's Seat
by The Recorder
13 May 2013 at 5:23pm

[Vanessa Blum]

The White House at long last is closing in on a pick to fill the Northern Distric...

Technology Revolution a Challenge Even for Larry Sonsini
by The Recorder
19 Apr 2013 at 5:36pm

[Scott Graham]

The lawyer most responsible for developing Silicon Valley's culture of entrepreneu...

DA Regrets Misconduct, Supreme Court Says Not So Fast
by The Recorder
19 Apr 2013 at 4:19pm

[Scott Graham]

When the Sixth District Court of Appeal found ?flagrant? prosecutorial misconduct ...

Budget Chair Slams Courts for 'Irresponsible' Spending
by The Recorder
3 Apr 2013 at 6:16pm

[Cheryl Miller]

Wednesday?s hearing of the subcommittee overseeing California courts started off ...

Meet Tigar, Hear Him Purr
by The Recorder
29 Mar 2013 at 4:48pm

[Vanessa Blum]

There was a yin and yang to U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar?s investiture ceremony T...

Lucasfilm Pregnancy Case Heading Back to Trial Court
by The Recorder
27 Mar 2013 at 6:26pm

[Scott Graham]

The California Supreme Court may be feeling some pregancy discrimination fatigue....

Is New Funding Formula Key to Governor's Judicial Happiness?
by The Recorder
26 Mar 2013 at 7:51pm

[Cheryl Miller]

In the quest to answer Governor Jerry Brown's call to make trial court funding m...

High Court Weighs Domestic Violence Case That Helped Unseat Hallinan
by The Recorder
5 Mar 2013 at 7:37pm

[Scott Graham]

Ten years ago, the domestic violence murder of Claire Joyce Tempongko helped brin...

Drudge Retort

Vid: Ukraine Downs Russian Tu-22M3 Bomber in War's First
by censored
20 Apr 2024 at 8:30pm
Ukraine has downed a Russian Tu-22M3 supersonic bomber for the first time in the war launched by ...

Florida Passes Law Putting Chaplains in Public Schools
by truthhurts
20 Apr 2024 at 7:33pm
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday signed a bill allowing religious leaders and "patriotic org...

U.S. Agrees to Withdraw Troops from Niger
by tonyroma
20 Apr 2024 at 6:32pm
The United States informed the government of Niger on Friday that it agreed to its request to wit...

Republican Loses Appeal for Funneling Russian Cash to Trump
by reinheitsgebot
20 Apr 2024 at 5:33pm
A federal appeals court has upheld the conviction of a Republican operative who had been pardoned...

New Biden Rule Boosts Conservation on Public Lands
by qcp
20 Apr 2024 at 4:32pm
Conservation and ecosystem restoration will now get the same consideration as oil drilling, loggi...

House Passes Ukraine, Israel Aid Package
by lee_the_agent
20 Apr 2024 at 3:56pm
The House swiftly approved $95 billion in foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel and other U.S. allies i...

GOP's Ken Buck Calls 'Moscow Marjorie' Putin's 'Idiot'
by tonyroma
20 Apr 2024 at 3:33pm
Former Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) knocked Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) for "acting completely...

House Takes Key Step Forward on Foreign Aid Bills
20 Apr 2024 at 2:31pm
The House voted Friday in a bipartisan manner to advance a key foreign aid package, a significant...

Southern Governors Unite in Fear of Autoworker Unionization
by tonyroma
20 Apr 2024 at 1:30pm
Jamelle Bouie: Last year, the United Auto Workers announced an ambitious plan to organize workers...

Rep. Jared Moskowitz Submits Amendment to Make MTG Putin's Envoy
by reinheitsgebot
20 Apr 2024 at 12:30pm
"Whereas ... Greene has repeatedly attempted to block aid to Ukraine, empowering Vladimir Putin's...

Third House GOPer Backs Johnson Ouster
by Doc_Sarvis
20 Apr 2024 at 11:30am
Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) announced Friday that he will co-sponsor Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's ...

Cybertruck Recalled for Stuck Accelerators
by sitzkrieg
20 Apr 2024 at 10:30am
Tesla is recalling almost 4,000 of its flagship Cybertrucks to fix a potentially dangerous fault ...

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14 Oct 2020 at 7:20am
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18 Jun 2016 at 12:07am
When relationships end there are often uncomfortable finical issues that must be addressed. For e...

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7 Apr 2006 at 7:11am
We have a dependency law case that we are defending.

Welcome to Fear Not Law's Law Discussion Forum
20 Oct 2000 at 5:01pm
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Latest Law News

Which judges are most likely to issue nationwide injunctions? Party of appoin...
12 Apr 2024 at 7:25am

Judge allows BigLaw partner?s suit alleging lawyer filed ?highly inflammatory...
11 Apr 2024 at 12:23pm

Should ABA strike ?nonlawyer? from its vocabulary? Petition says it?s time
11 Apr 2024 at 9:14am

Law dean Chemerinsky condemns ?blatant antisemitism? of caricature, confronts...
11 Apr 2024 at 8:29am

David Boies can?t ignore clients? liability releases by ?simply invoking? nam...
10 Apr 2024 at 10:35am

?Sense of entitlement? led BigLaw partner to ?brazenly? appear at deposition ...
10 Apr 2024 at 8:27am

Users Keepers: Pirates, zombies and adverse possession
10 Apr 2024 at 6:48am

Former Schnader Harrison partner sued for alleged secret videos
10 Apr 2024 at 6:46am

Wisconsin bar redefines ?diversity? to settle challenge to clerkship program;...
9 Apr 2024 at 12:49pm

?Venue is not a continental breakfast? judge forced to eat his words after 5t...
9 Apr 2024 at 12:13pm

After man is sentenced for threat to kill chief justice, ABA president says t...
9 Apr 2024 at 9:07am

2 lawyers and client die in law office shooting; 1 attorney was alleged gunman
9 Apr 2024 at 8:09am

California Supreme Court

(CA Supreme Court) - S267394

(CA Supreme Court) - S281526

(CA Supreme Court) - S270895

KIELAR v. S.C. (Hyundai Motor America)
(CA Supreme Court) - S281937

(CA Supreme Court) - S281599

(CA Supreme Court) - S281510

(CA Supreme Court) - S280047

(CA Supreme Court) - S275134

(CA Supreme Court) - S281643

(CA Supreme Court) - S281282

(CA Supreme Court) - S281447

(CA Supreme Court) - S281027

Latest Articles

Xian v. Sengupta CA1/1
28 Jun 2023 at 1:29pm
Sengupta started BeyondCore in 2004, while he was earning his master of business administration d...

McBride v. National Default Servicing Corp. CA1/1
28 Jun 2023 at 1:27pm
Plaintiff Barbara McBride alleges she became the successor trustee and/or successor in interest o...

P. v. Franklin CA1/3
28 Jun 2023 at 1:19pm
In 2011, Franklin was charged with first-degree murder (Penal Code � 187), with an enhancement fo...

Epis v. Bradley CA1/4
28 Jun 2023 at 1:01pm
?In brief, the parties invested together in a series of real estate transactions in Marin County....

In re A.R. CA6
28 Jun 2023 at 12:58pm
C.G. and the mother met in 2016. The two lived together in a tumultuous relationship marked by s...
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